Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mormon Trail Hike

A year and a half later we are just discovering the true beauty of Arizona. Growing up I always imagined the desert as being this sandy, dry miserable place.  BUT there are beautiful landscapes everywhere I turn, and sand dunes really arent a thing, just dirt (lots and lots of dirt) and the sun rises & sets are completely breath taking. Every moment I set foot outside I am constantly amazed at the colors that are painted before me. 

Today, the husband & I hiked the Mormon trail to hidden valley. And to sum it up, as my wheezing, spazing body was trying to push its self further up the mountain all the while I was soaking up the incredible views. Once you reach the summit of the trail and turn around, you can see the ENTIRE valley. Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler,  and Scottsdale and so much more. It was such an incredible experience to stand next to husband and look out onto the valley that we live in. 

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