Monday, September 7, 2015

late night walks in arizona

Late night strolls are always my favorite. In Idaho husband and I would frequently find our selves out and about wondering the streets of Rexburg at all hours of the night. Since the move to Arizona our walks have mostly been limited to early morning before the heat gets overwhelming. Last night husband and I decided late night stroll around his place of employment. What I thought would be a relaxing, enjoyable stroll turned into a terrifying cockroaches. Yes, the giant, little, aggressive, gross, disgusting bugs. Husband and I did not see just two, we saw ATLEAST 20, these things were everywhere. And the worst part about it was, they wouldn't let you walk by, no no they ran right for you. Husband would try to shoo them away so I wouldn't cringe but instead of going away they would turn and run straight at me! Needless to say husband was dying of laughter the entire time. I could not go two seconds with out being chased. 

Besides the war on bugs I was waging, the stroll was quite lovely. I really have been wanting to get out and take some images of the incredible night time sky. Its one of my personal goals before the year is over. I just find it hard because outside of Idaho, I do not feel comfortable wandering around at night by my self. One day though. 

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