Wednesday, September 23, 2015

a little butterfly wonderland

While commuting to work every day, I continually drive by this cute little building that was labeled as Butterfly Wonderland . Husband and I had the rare day off together last Friday and we decided that it was the perfect time to check this place out. It was a wonderful experience, that's for sure. 

These creatures are so beautiful and so thrilling. We mistakenly went early in the morning (we tend to be early risers) this turned out to be a good decision on our part. The sunrise made them so active, they were flying every which way. 

Husband didnt have any luck in getting one to land on him, I was able to have two and one that did not want to leave. After we spent time with the butterflies we got to see scorpions, bees and some stingrays. It was a cute little place and a very enjoyable one on one time with my husband. 

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