Friday, November 28, 2014

Grand Canyon

So, I have a million pictures that I want to share with yall. But its late, my parents are leaving AZ tomorrow and I really should get to that I can sadly drive them to the airport. 

But I wanted to chance to share at least one image that I have been working on right now. Maybe a few words. 

This Thanksgiving week as been so incredible. The opportunities and the memories that I have made will stay with me forever.

 Being able to be with my family, standing at the edge of one of the worlds seven wonders has been uplifting and so inspirational. The fact that its only three hours away from me is even more thrilling. I can honestly tell you, you MUST go see it for your self. Pictures, no matter how many I took, do not do this wonder any sort of justice. When I walked up to Mather point and saw this view, my breath was gone. My mind blown. I couldn't believe that something like this existed. My husbands description of it was and I quote "a giant hole in the ground" haha. But there is something moving about this giant hole in the ground. 

I am such a lucky person to have the opportunities to have lived in Idaho (near Yellowstone) for several years and to now move to Arizona and have the Grand Canyon in my backyard. 

I hope yall enjoy the image and I look forward to sharing the rest as I finish them up. 

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