Wednesday, July 30, 2014

this and that...

Well, here we are. Just three months in to our move and we are enduring some of the worst heat either of use have ever experienced. So far though, we both love it here. I officially feel like a small town girl, coming to a big giant city (after 6 years, the Rexburg way of life has most certainly gotten to me).  Frequently I find my self just staring in awe at all of the options I have, in just my area there are three different malls I can go to. That's just malls, lets not even talk about that area I am pretty sure I've died and gone to heaven. Not only is there a BUNCH of choices, but there's like different restaurants of each choice, all with in miles of us.  We lucked out and managed to get an apartment right next to Ryans new job. He was so excited and made us go over there almost every day until he finally started in June. He absolutely loves his job, and with out even really knowing it, was able to get the exact position he was wanting. Since moving here, we have both decided that its to hot to do things in the "summer" and plan to go adventuring come fall. That might sound a little weird, BUT with temperatures hitting anywhere from 100-116 daily, being in side is so much more enjoyable. It seems to be the logic that the locals here have.

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